My Day leading up to Kansas City Chiefs Opener Vs. Chargers MNF

Well the day started out like any other Monday of course.  Boring Monday at work it started to be, but then I start sneezing and my eyes burn.  I suffer from allergies and they are especially bad in the Fall.  So I decided I better go home.  So naturally I told my superior that I was going to go home the rest of the day and that is where we left it.  When I got home I received a call from one of my all time best friends and he asked what I was doing?  I advised him that I was ill and was at home.  He asked me if I felt up for the movies? I said I wouldn’t mind going and we decided to meet up in an hour this was about 10 am by now and we planned on an 11 o clock meet up.  I figured I would go and take back a Chiefs Jersey I had bought for work that had Larry Johnson’s name on it, anyone into football knows L.J. does not play for KC no more do to a bad break up with team.  I packed the Jersey in a bag and headed off to meet up with my friend.  While on my way to Topeka I received a call from a gentleman that said he had tickets to the KC chiefs game that night for the home opener, field level for a really low price.  I said Id take them, knowing that I wanted to go for a long time this was good news.  The bad news was I with my friend and he automatically threw me some cash and said here is for mine.  Well the amount more than covered half the total ticket cost so I naturally gave him one. Off to Kansas City we went.  Where I live it is about a 2 and half hour drive.  We got to Kansas City and the first place we stop is Gates BBQ.  Arguably the best BBQ place in the U.S.  Was it busy but needless to say it was my first experience and a good one it was.  My friend had informed he was still drunk a little from the night before.  This was a bit of bad news because I havent driven in over 2 yrs and hadn’t planned on it today.  He was supposed to get us there and home as part of him going.  (fool me once) Well he hid this well because he didn’t show any signs until we got to Ameristar Casino.  He had already had a 6 pack by now and he was displaying signs of being inebriated.  It has been over 2 yrs for me and I don’t plan on doing it again for the simple fact I want to remember most of my time I have left here.  At Ameristar he kept ordering 2 buds and the waitress just assumed one was for me and one was for him.  Well if anyone has had a tight friend that wont buy you a dollar cheeseburger if you starving without having to pay it back down the road, this was that guy.  So I told her I am not drinking and he should only be brought one at a time.  Well apparently this wasn’t protocol for the waitress at this casino because every 15 mins she would bring him another round.  While we were playing poker I was taking money from almost everyone at the table and my friend was doing the same.  I kept getting two pair and even hit a flush for a very sizable pot.  However my partner seemed to be doing better than I was and he ended up taking all my money ($74 dollars, the same amount he gave me for the ticket) so I got up and left because I refused to play with him while he was drunk.  I wondered downstairs of Ameristar and began playing another variation of poker in table game format.  I won all my money back and then some on that game so I think I am officially hooked. I met some fellow Chiefs fans and had some small talk and I was informed that we could take a cab from the casino to the stadium and back for $50. Well this was sort of  a desired relief, and I texted my friend that he was paying for cab since he was drunk and he took my money.  That poker game was fun and after I won my money I noticed my cell phone was dying so I decided to go and get my partner’s cell phone.  By the time I got up there he had $40 dollars left and I got his phone.  He had $40 dollars in chips left after he was sitting with over $500 when I left.  (moral here: don’t play drunk)  I took his phone and went made my calls.  Now my partner is drunk and broke, a double let down.  However while I was on his phone it started ringing another incoming call.  It was his sister and she had called and needed to borrow money to go to game.  Well this was good news because this meant that we had a guaranteed ride to the stadium.  I sat down to play some more while I waited for my partner to get done playing cards.  Well surprisingly he sat there longer than expected.  I assumed he was winning.  He was not.  He was sitting there because he had went broke and when he tried to get up he stumbled and almost fell.  The dealer had advised him to stay sitting or get kicked out. Good thing was when I walked up the dealer told me to get him out of there.  I did and he found his own way to the ATM machine and to the black jack tables while I went to the bathroom.  I figured we would just wait for his sister and I decided to play some more.  Well here is where I had my first heartache of the day was while I was playing there is an optional bonus bet that I was playing and if I get four of a kind or better I win 500 automatically, well needless to say after playing it and losing it I decided not to play it.  Long story short as if this were possible now, I didn’t play it and wouldnt you know it I get dealt four kings.  Crushed but I still won a little more than I sat down with so I was ok with that.  Ok so finally his sister shows up and I breathe a sigh of relief.  We go over to the table and he is already calling the dealer names (not nice ones) and the dealer is telling her boss.  I am automatically thinking the worst.  Well with that said it was now time to go.  Off to the game we go after causing a minor scene trying to get my friend out of the casino.  Finally off we went.  It took us less than 15 minutes to get to stadium but it seemed like hours due to a whiny drunk needing to pee.  Alas we arrive to the stadium and our drunk companion had taken it upon himself to leave the vehicle while we was stopped in traffic and head out on his own.  This being his first game and him being wasted I could only hope he made it to the stadium.  As the Car parked a half hour later I got out and walked to the stadium.  What a long walk.  I kept an watchful eye out for my homie and in that case anyone I knew, but I saw no one.   So I take the long walk to my seat alone halfway hoping he makes it, knowing he has his cell phone and will be ok as long as the life line is there.  I walk toward my seat in huge arrowhead stadium and Low and behold there he is with two full cups of beer.  He had already found his seat.  To my surprise he had made it to his first Chiefs game ever.  I did enjoy the game after that with at Chiefs victory.  However my partner did not make it through the first quarter.  He was passed out for the count.  Even with all the hollering and high fiving everyone did around him.  He was not budging.  After the final seconds ticked off the clock my drunken friend awoke and was ready to go home.


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